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Disaster Management And Relief

According to the National Disaster Management Authority, around 40 million hectares of land in India are exposed to floods 68 percent of the land is vulnerable to droughts, landslides, and avalanches, 58.6 percent landmass is earthquake-prone, and tsunamis and cyclones are a regular phenomenon. Such vulnerable conditions have placed India, developing country of youth, amongst the top disaster-prone countries. The report also noted that India lost around three thousand lives in 2017 due to natural calamities. Further, economic losses in India due to such calamities accounted for around $13,789 million, the 4th highest in the world. Natural disasters not only adversely affect human and physical capital but also pose a serious threat to India’s economic development. India has witnessed a tremendous increase in farmer distress due to natural disasters making it responsible for farmer suicides to a great extent. Thus, Disaster creates a panic situation among all the Indians.

Analyzing the adverse effects of a disaster on humans and properties, Pahal Foundation comes forward to help and provide relief to all the needy ones who got affected by these natural calamities. We make attempts in the wake of any disaster and extend immediate support to affected communities. The idea is to be more responsive and prepared, by mobilizing resources in advance so that the available funds can be utilized with immediate effect on the ground, thereby curtailing the risk of losing time and energy in fundraising post-disaster. The key objective and aim is to make financial resources available and accessible for immediate relief within 24 hours of any disaster and act as one of the first responders on the ground. Our team provides disaster management education to improve the resilience of the communities and their preparedness to handle disasters. We work together to help and create awareness among communities about government schemes to compensate victims for damages due to disaster & calamities and facilitate community access to those benefits. Pahal Foundation helps to tackle the problems that arise due to calamities among poor families in the societies. We make a tireless effort to bring out the poor condition of the disaster-stricken families and tries to improve through whatever means we can do. Thus, Making our NGO an esteemed Organization that is dedicated in altering the impecunious situations of the families.

In Nutshell, Team at Pahal Foundation is skilled in Designing and managing relief and rehabilitation strategies/operations which helps to overcome the loss that occurred due to natural calamities and disaster.


Education is the most robust and effective weapon that we can use to change the mindset of the entire world. It deals and involves the acquisition of knowledge, remarkable skills, pure values, strong beliefs, habits, and inner talent. It is the most effective and efficient way to break out and eradicate the cycle of poverty and numerous demons prevailing in the society. It helps to build and unite the nation economically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. Education also helps individuals to make possible solutions, better alternatives, join the workforce, and ensure that their future generations are educated as well.

Yet, after 70 years of Independence, over two crore children are still deprived of the education system. They do not have access to proper education and any medium through which they can learn and grow. It can be due to many reasons that involve poverty, Orphanism, Gender inequality, Cultural factors, disabilities, insufficient social aids, and lack of learning materials. All these lead to a lack of education among our young minds. This hampers the growth and overall development of a child which ultimately hinders the progress of the nation.

Here comes our NGO Pahal Foundation to bring out the change in the society. Our NGO ensures that every child in the society receives the opportunity to build his/her better future through education. We believe every individual has a right to decide his future through education. We work at the grass-root level to strengthen and build the education system, spread awareness about its importance and enroll as many youths of our society as possible so they can thrive in life. Our NGO work together as a team and support the most vulnerable children to let them have access to their Right to Education. Our volunteers provide educational and mentoring support to all our young minds and help to build the children’s emotional health. We enable the holistic development of youth and tries to make a positive and strong impact on the school and community through our initiatives to develop educating society. To end this inequality, We believe it is important that each individual in the society should be educated and has proper access to better livelihood opportunities. It will be helpful for an individual’s well-being, as they can bring and reach their full potential and live a fruitful life. Thus, with a vision that no child shall be deprived of education, Pahal Foundation leaves no stone untouched to make a better life of youth through imparting education to them.


We all know Health is a state of complete physical, social, and mental well being and not merely the absence of illness or infirmity. It is a level of functional efficiency of living beings and deals with the person’s mind, body, and spirit. A healthy person can bring out a positive change in society. Health is one of the parameter that is essential for the overall productivity and performance of an individual leading to his success and survival. Not only this, but Good health is also a secret of every happy man. It brings out the true potential of an individual to work with a healthy and perfect mindset.

India has made a rapid pace in the health sector since its independence. However, various eye-opening data clearly indicate that no access to healthcare to a number of people still remains a challenge for all of us. While the health statistics of rural India continue to be poor and disgraceful, the health status and access to health for the poor in urban slum dwellers have surfaced to be equally deplorable and revolting having less than 4% - 5% of government primary healthcare facilities. Considering the poor performance of healthcare services throughout the country, there is a growing realization that the role of each stakeholder, including the NGOs needs to evolve.

Thus, With this motto, Our Pahal Foundation is working from scratch to bring about a difference in the lives of underprivileged families and communities who are deprived of health services. We address the basic but neglected issues of the poor living in the societies and values their traditional wisdom. With this aim, We have different projects and campaigns working in order to provide the necessary healthcare services to the needy ones easily. We believe the need of the hour is thus a two-pronged approach – first includes to bring out the quality healthcare services to doorsteps to all the needy ones and second is to promote healthcare awareness, its benefits, and contemporary healthcare-seeking behavior among the underprivileged. We reach out to the poor and underprivileged people to supply the essentials to them for their growth. We play a key role in supporting the public health system by enhancing and improving the management of Primary Health Centres and related bodies working together. Our team works together to make society a better place where everyone has access to education and proper health facilities for their overall growth. Our team has been working hard all day to make the lives of others a better life to live. Thus Pahal Foundation works and lives with a dream to create a world witnessing a day when every single Indian child would enjoy his/her rights such as healthy survival, protection, and overall development.


“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What actually matters for an individual?? Its basic but essential requirement for life which includes food, clothes, and shelter. A short eight-letter word ‘Livelihood’ Clearly describes it all having a huge and wide meaning. Livelihood is defined as “means of securing basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, and clothes.” We, humans, are in a constant race of acquiring the so-called “livelihood” by any means-by hook or by crook! But wait and pause for a moment and let us think that are we not in the race which should actually not begin only? We must know that livelihood has one of the major impacts on making the world better and making a place where we can actually live. The basic things which are required for a man to maintain his existence is a piece of cloth to wear, shelter to live, and food to eat and survive.

Buy today’s scenario is entirely different where a person kills his own child for the food. Entering the golden 21 st century is this what which suits us? Is it not a big question mark on today’s society? These issues in rural India are multi-dimensional that hinders the rural population to utilize and make a benefits of the available options to generate sustainable livelihoods for themselves. The problems of lack of opportunities for generating income and infrastructural facilities can be seen throughout our Indian society.

Our team of Pahal Foundation helps to eradicate this from its root. We work to address the livelihoods challenges of marginalized people in the tribal region and to bring positive change in their lives, manifold interventions at different levels. Our dedicated team of NGO is promoting livelihood improvement and Food and Nutrition secu rity among numerous Indian societies and rural areas. As farming and other agricultural activities still dominate the rural economy, several efforts are being taken by our NGO to benefit our farmers and their families from this economic activity. Initiatives have been taken by our team in order to help poor people who are deprived of all the basic necessities of their life. Regular efforts and contributions of our NGO have made the life of many people a better life to live. We work mainly on poverty alleviation, social exclusion, literacy that majorly affects and improve livelihood of an individual.

Thus, Pahal Foundation has made a great contribution in the field of improving and building the livelihood of many individuals. We have worked tirelessly to make this world a better place to live in.

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